Childish adult.

I had found so many times even usual, kind of people who always behave childish in social sites. Facebook is one of the social sites, which is now used by most of our adults today. Facebook is not only used by adults but also children. What makes me feels a bit of weird is, when children use facebook, they behave like mature while the adults, when use facebook, they behave like childish. I wonder if, this world has inversed and the upper part appears to be the lower part whereas the lower part appears to be the upper part. Hehe.

Moving on my own philosophy, which I want to uphold the truth and bring down the falsehood, I’d found so many people who only lived on the rail of falsehood. I don’t know why such these people prefer to live not accordingly even though the truthfulness has been proved to them obviously. I wonder if, such these stereotype people have been blinded by the satanic power. ;-)

Oops, surely the respected readers still can’t catch up what the matter I try to state on. Okay, the matter and the issue is, the childish of someone when rebutting the truth. Let me bring you to the more exact understanding. This is about the behaviour of someone when the truth were shown and proved in front of their bright eyes.

Facebook, other than its objective to find friends and make new friends, it is also for people to rebut each other about some facts and on certain issues. I myself, always rebut the falsehood facts brought by the people with lack of knowledge on what they want to object or stand on. Usually these are about mazhab, aqidah and politics.

On certain times, on related issues, I become quite dizzy when rebutting on these people. They accuse without bring the proofs. I become more frustrate as there are some people keep holding on the falsehood facts and make the facts as their stands. These are all ridiculous. No wonder Asians today are full with foolish and occupied by the unethical generation.

Before we close the curtain, I would like to show you this people who never stand on the true facts and continuously live on falsehood. He is also an agent of Mossad(an Israeli agent) who has been paid to break the ukhuwwah of Muslims and to make riot in Asia.

He is “Dalang-Dalang Peperangan” in his facebook’s profile. Try to search for him and then you will find so many statements that out of mind and all the statements are actually his efforts to break the Muslims’ ukhuwwah.

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